Digital Pinhole

Who said that pinhole photography was restricted to film or paper? I took my lens off my Canon and then covered it with black wrapping paper, piercing holes in it. I had to change the ISO to 800 and use the Manual setting to work out an appropriate shutter speed. I tried different hole sizes and the amount of holes. I found that the smaller the hole the more in focus the images were, but I needed a good light source for it to work well.

I was set the task

Consider a place which, when populated by certain individuals or groups of people, is transformed momentarily. It may be a public space where people convene or a private space where for instance; a liason takes place between two lovers. 

Now investigate photographically, the personality of this place when it is devoid of human presence.

I have done this on Medium Format Film that is currently being processed- the type of film meant that I had to get it sent off – it is unclear of what processing speed it needed and I didn’t want my film ruined. So, I have partially done this task on digital. I focused mainly on my back garden. A place where once my brother and I would make assault courses, play on the swing, kick a football around and ride our bikes. Now, the garden is very tired, not really cared for and very much a graveyard to where once there was a lot of prosperity. Now, the garden has an old standard parked under a sheet next to the garage. At one time this area had shrubs in; one Easter my brother and I had an egg hunt and I found one here. The whole garden is feeling very sad. It is not something that is changed in an instant, but there are still artefacts that remind me of its history. However, this is, I guess, a personal piece of work that a viewer may not  really see the purpose of. Which is fine.


I apologise for not being able to upload and more: I have reached my upload limit. However, I will be upgrading shortly and will be uploading more. Furthermore, my medium format work should be uploaded next week!

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