Considering Still Life

Revisit your chosen location again devoid of human presence. This time you should look for the evidence of it’s erstwhile inhabitants and produce a series of photographic still-lives of this subject matter. 

You can document the artefacts in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof, the crucial thing is that when we look at these items they should appear as something entirely new to us and drenched in the magic of your location and redolent of the way that you see the world. 

I was thinking about how I could make my artefacts devoid of magic- so I wanted to take away any sort of context completely and have a black backdrop so that the artefact would be the sole focus and meaning is not explored through the surroundings. Again, I am waiting for these images to be developed and will be uploaded next week!

I was thinking about other photographers that use a sort of studio based approach. In an old blog I did about portraiture I discussed how August Sander made the sitter the only focus without a landscape that could change a viewer’s opinion. This is a very scientific way of photographing people and objects, sort of forensic if you like. I was thinking about this, and Paul M Smith is currently doing a project on ‘Impact’ which is a collection of bullets and shrapnel from crimes. This is the sort of look I wanted for my pinhole artefacts; however, I trust that the quality will not be as sharp.

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