Letter To Self September 2011

Over the Summer before I started at Coventry University, I was asked to write a letter to myself in a years time expressing what my goals would be for the first year. I dug out the note book it was scribbled into and I’ve typed it up. Luckily for me, I am satisfied that I am doing most of what I wanted!


Dear Kate 2012,

Of course I cannot fathom exactly what you will be like a year from now. I feel I have an awful lot more growing up to do in this year between us. You have, I hope, a better idea of the future in the long term than what I do, It’s the dear of the unknown that I cannot cope with; however, I do have my naive aspirations and resolutions (as it were) for the next year I am about to embark on.

I am hopeful that you will remain punctual and proactive in your studies: leopards never change their spots, right? Although now I am partial to admire the Sunday Times Magazine’s Spectrum, you will have the ability to confidently review work in order to improve your own work. But I need the tools the confidence. You know I was let down by my Sixth Form and I am not being naive when I expect that you will exploit the experience and expertise at Coventry. 

Given your new found confidence, your sphere of interest has increased: you are networking to beyond your own expectations. Maybe I am being a little ambitious; but then I feel that I would like to aim high!

By this time next year you will be itching to return to Coventry for your second year without any anxieties. You know that I have had a tough year with my health, but this (hopefully) won’t be worrying you anymore! Regardless, and most of all, you are enjoying life as a student and a photographer with your feet still firmly on the ground.


But what do I know?


– Kate Green, September 2011

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