“An Absurd Reasoning”


So here it is!

The hand made ‘An Absurd Reasoning’ artefact for Jenny.

Japanese stab bound with bold white thread.

Title printed, backed and covered with crepe paper. I did this so that it was difficult to read, so if someone would pick it up they would spend a little more time to look at the cover.

I photographed my hand to show the scale- this is so that when it’s open it fits on the palms so that we have the ‘book of life and death’ in photographs in the viewers’ hands.


If I was to sell this copy, I would price it between £40 – £50 to cover the print costs, the materials and then finally adding a profit margin for myself. However, because it is the only copy to date, first edition I could charge over £100 because it is rare.


If anyone would like to have a special addition, the second edition will have amendments made to some of the prints, please contact me.

All the best- a preview of the book will go on the ‘Portfolio’


– Kate

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