Palm Reading

I’ve been thinking about hands and the connotations that come with them. I have been searching into palm reading and how by our palms we can identify what kind of person we are, apparently.

On this website is suggests the differences between the lines and what they signify. For example:


Palm Reading Blog

I have already sent my images off to the print bureau. However, I think I will continue this study of hand ‘anatomy’ and then I can draw new stories from what the lines tell us.

Choosing my final photographs to be put into my book was difficult: I used the images which I thought would most suit the age of the suicide victims initially. I sadly had a reluctance from people I asked, especially the older and more sceptic people so for some stories I had a restricted amount of images to choose from anyway. Not that I am making excuses.


I will be making my book ‘print to order’ online as an eBook and available as a print soon. However, for now there will be one original hand made copy intended for ‘Jenny’.


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