Torden Andahl – The Bereaved

The Bereaved, June 2010, by Torden Andahl is a series of 30 portraits of relatives and friends of suicide victims. They can be identified on Andahl’s website as the black and white images with the subject well lit. The sitters are straightforward so that their eyes tell more of a story that what position they have been put in for example. This also means that their body language speaks more too.

From trying to research this work- there is little in the way of reviews online and Andahl himself has not published this work in one place on its own, which somewhat takes the images out of context for a viewer to just appreciate the aesthetics.

Screen Shot

Thus, the only photograph that I can confirm to be from the series is ‘Eike’. Her eyes hold deep emotion of bereavement. In a way it looks like she is trying to hold back tears, because her eyes are slightly water glazed. She appears to be putting up a front, holding herself rigid;  having her arms crossed shows her reluctance to open up her feelings, or that she wishes to show a sort of strength. I cannot find any context for this image: I came across it at the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize Exhibition and have not found a book or place where the series has been exhibited.

I have emailed Andahl for more information about this series of work and its context; just waiting for a reply.


Torben replied to my email and he explains:


Dear Kate
Thank you for your interest in my photos and my book project.
I have published a book where there are 30 portraits of relatives / friends of those who have committed suicide, with photo and a text on 2-4 pages, but the text is only in Danish!. The title in danish is “De der blev tilbage” and you can buy it here:
You can also see my work on
Once again thank you for your interest in my work. And please excuse my bad English.
Best regards
Photographer Torben Åndahl 
Raadvad 40
2800 Kongens Lyngby

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