Book Binding

I have decided that my chosen audience now is going to be Jennifer. She collects rare artefacts and goes to galleries often.

I originally set out to raise awareness of the debate “whether we should have the right to die.” Obviously therefore I would have like to have presented my work in a way that would give someone an opinion if they were ‘sat on the fence’ as it were. For example, I would have liked to have followed someone’s story and done a photo film like how Ed Kashi does.

However, as my previous blogs have shown: with a tight deadline and difficulties getting in touch with these people, I have had to change my approach to the subject. Because now I am taking photographs of people’s hands in a similar styles they need a story to go with them. The hands are supposed to signify the hands of those who have taken their own lives. Therefore, bending the truth so far that it’s broken with a  photo film would undermine my work.

Therefore, I feel that I would like to present my work in a book with a brief description. That, or I would like to have each photograph lit by a light box in a gallery with a description next to it. This would then (hopefully) highlight the wrinkles and lines in the hands making it more poignant than just a print under gallery lighting. If the room was predominantly dark it would give a more of a sense of how we dictate our lives (i.e. life is in our own hands) and thus the light highlighting the images will support this.

Yet, with the book binding, I went over to Picbod (an online and open photography course by Coventry University) where there are online tutorials of how to do Japanese Stab Binding and Hardcover binding. I used the resources to hand: A4 printer paper, needle and thread and came up with this:

I would like my book to be sized 200x200mm

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