Sarah Glaab

I went to a Guide and Scout international camp in 2008 called ‘Poacher’. Here I met loads of new people. However, in particular a friend and I were hanging out a lot more with a few Americans; Sarah and Liz but to name two. They were so charismatic and full of fun: we went to campfire singing together and they offered us Oreo ice-cream etc. All in all we had a good week. Sarah and I kept in contact over MySpace afterwards. I didn’t pry too much at the time but I could tell that she was having a pretty rough time; I was just supportive but obviously there wasn’t too much I could do with her living in Kentucky.

At the beginning of December 2009, Liz messaged me telling me that Sarah had committed suicide.

I have been emailing and speaking to Sarah’s mum on and off since. She is a mother desperately wanting Sarah to find peace, but also wants to know why she chose to end her life.

I’d like to dedicate a photograph to her mother, in memory. I am going to use my hands for this.


Photographs and stories coming up shortly.

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