Got the Whole World in His Hands.

“Does it just have to be about Euthanasia?”


I was thinking about how we have our lives in our own hands. Some of us wish that our death should be in there too.

From having a lot of difficulty in the stage of pooling people together who have an opinion, I have had a change of direction. Euthanasia is a kind of suicide- choosing to die before we do naturally. But what makes it different to suicide? Well I’d say there isn’t much difference only that it, in the countries that it is legal, is conducted with strict safe guards.

Hands can tell us a lot about a person; namely their age from the size and the skin: whether it is thinning, wrinkled, stretched etc. Therefore hands have stories like suicides have reasons. With this in mind, I am looking into suicides from individual standpoints and those from cults.

To get the ball running I have taken a few test shots:

I wanted the hands to be palms up with the idea that we have our lives in our hands. At the same time, the palms of hands all have different characteristics like fingerprints. The state of hands can be related to a particular story. Just need to get a whole collection.



Happy Kate!

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