Considering Photographing Objects

Considering how to photograph precious objects.

For me, this vanity case that was given to me of my Nana’s has been my precious object as shown in older posts. However, in this series I would like the objects to be stand alone and not with any human contact.

Thinking of this, I once again used my box and a couple of other artefacts that were once my Nana’s. I shot in natural light and with a flash to see what is more effective. I have decided that the images with a flash are more warming than those in natural light. I do not want to remove colour from my images because black and white can often be misconstrued to encouraging really sad feelings as opposed to nostalgia- especially with the subject matter I am dealing with.

I felt that a collaboration of objects was also more effective, giving more of an idea of who the person was as opposed to one object. The vanity case is precious to me, but may not have been as precious to her, therefore, I felt that I needed more ‘evidence’ as it were.



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4 thoughts on “Considering Photographing Objects

      1. Interesting. Im not sure I agree though. Doesnt it depend on how it is photograph more than whether its done in colour or b&w? That implies that you cant have a “happy” picture in b&w and Im not sure I agree. But thats the beauty of the medium. Completely open to interpretation. There are no rights or wrongs. Well if its black then maybe the exposure is wrong 😉

  1. Although I see your point and of course black and white images can be ‘happy’, I just don’t think it’s necessary in this body of work. I don’t want to photograph the subjects in black and white either, with this in mind with the layout and presentation. I feel full colour will keep the continuity in check.

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