Revisiting the Past

I’ve revisited the photographs I took in the last few days before my Nana passed. This selection are the photographs I took of my Grandad.

I have been having a hard time with my project in sending a message across in a dignified way. Or at least posing the question of our rights to die. I felt that revisiting these images will help me see how relatives feel about degenerative diseases.

5 thoughts on “Revisiting the Past

  1. Just an idea, maybe you could accompany your images with a letter the relative has written to their relative who has passed. I say this because I have written letters to her, mainly as some kind of therapy but it communicates how I feel about her death, the lack of my presence etc. Thought this may help to communicate how it affects the relatives and stuff

    1. Thanks Hollie, that’s a really good idea!
      I’ll speak to you on Monday but you and your family sound like a good place to start. Would you mind asking your mum or dad (whichever side of the family) if they would like to get involved too?

      – Kate

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