Developing J.V.B

Untitled, © Kate Green, 2012. All Rights Reserved

Speaking to experts in the field is time consuming. So I am being proactive and considering how I will present my photographic body. I have to  assign my piece of work to a particular audience. I was thinking about how I wanted to include a portrait, a precious object and a Google Map as well as giving a short description of the sitter’s opinions.

However, I realise that not everyone that I would like to take photographs of will have had someone whom suffered a degenerative disease.

I have been considering who my audience is and how I would produce my body of work in a way that would suit them.

Jennifer: 60 year old fine art collector from New York. She visits galleries regularly and has a large collection of prints and rare books

– I feel that Jennifer would appreciate a gallery installation: this may in a a physical form of prints of a video projection or installation, perhaps. Furthermore, she is likely to purchase books.

David: 16 year old student from Huddersfield. Spends spare time playing video games and watching television online.

– David probably isn’t cash rich and would not be likely to buy a photographic book. I feel that with my message, he would not go looking for it, so would need it to be projected for him. Perhaps with a projection in a well known public space. Or as an advert on television: although that would be very expensive.

Pete: Retired butcher from Dublin. He is time rich but cash poor, he has not internet connection in his home.

Similarly, if Pete is not too wealthy, a public, free event for him to visit or view would be ideal for Pete.

Katrin: 32 year old PhD student from Hamburg, she spends the weekends with family in Koln

I assume that Katrin is well educated and is interested in reading. Perhaps, she would like to unwind to a book (although I feel my subject matter may not be light reading at all). At the same time, she must travel frequently and may have a tablet such as iPad and therefore would appreciate an app, perhaps.

Ella: 24 year old nursery worker from Leicester, she enjoys glossy monthly and weekly magazine.

Simply from the description, Ella would be drawn to a glossy magazine associated with femininity.

Considering that I would like to create a body of work that may allow someone who is sat on the fence, not knowing whether they do believe they should have the right to die or not, to have an opinion from reading the stories and opinions of others. 

To raise awareness of this topic, I feel that it should be free to visit if was to be presented in a gallery. However, I feel that if the whole collection was put into a book that would be beneficial too. So therefore, I would be addressing Jennifer initially and possibly Katrin. 

Flyers and posters could be distributed in public spaces and also in magazines that may attract the other audiences… 


My photograph at the top is one way I can possibly present my ideas in a book- with the portrait spreading over the two pages, with smaller images of the object and Google Map beside it.


– Kate Green


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