A Moment. A Step in the Right Direction

Untitled, © Kate Green, 2012

I’ve been looking at the work of Gregg Segal in me research into degenerative diseases and how they also have an acute affect on family members. I liked how he projected an image of the past into the present situation of the Alzheimer’s past.

I’ve been thinking of ideas about how I can show how families are affected so I dived into my photo archive and found the images I took of my self and some of my relatives in the latter stages of my Nana’s dementia. This image in particular is from the day that my mother and Grandad went through the paperwork after my Nana passed. I removed myself after a while and sat in the kitchen. My Grandad had been keeping himself busy by sorting through his tools and doing house work, hence the array of objects on the table. The low winter sun was streaming through the windows and I had a moment’s quiet. 

I then found a photograph of my Nana’s 80th Birthday. That day she was temperamental. A relative and I drove to her house and I helped her get ready, reminding her it was her birthday. She was in a bad mood. She didn’t understand. Nevertheless, when we eventually got her to the hotel she brightened up. These are the last photographs of her in a relatively stable state. A matter of two months later she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital. I therefore chose this image and projected it into the kitchen.

I think this is my lead. Using photographs of the present and projecting how I remember my Nana. For the kind person she was and not for what dementia took away.

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