Le Mount Saint-Michel (Composites)

Le Mont Saint-Michel, © Kate Green, 2012, All Rights Reserved


This is part of my composites task: this is a photoshopped image that I am using to create a new memory, as it were. In fact, the castle is on the other side of this restaurant, however, I really liked this setting- the wine glasses on the table and the one person inside just seemed like bliss. Especially in somewhere that is as beautiful as St Michael’s Mount. We looked at photographers such as Idris Khan who has taken the Becher’s photographs and layered them like tracings over each other. This creates a new photographic image- ‘how it can be pushed to something else’ (Idris Khan at his presentation).

In this image, I collapsed 5 arrow slits that I photographed in a similar way on my way round the castle grounds. We forget the fortress’s past and how it was on a hill so that it was well defended. There was one arrow slit that is now used to accommodate a security camera which is a juxtaposition of something old and something new. I chose to photograph the arrow slits because they are all very similar; but we never really look at them because they do not mean anything to us. Only when they look out of place, like with the camera in them. This is why I chose to use this photograph as part of the composite collection.


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