For my research I read four online journals into ageing population, degenerative disease and euthanasia. Be it that I am not a medical genius, I did not quite understand the science of it all. However, in my thoughts of how we became dependent in care homes; it must be very distressing for a confused patient. The journal “Coping and its relationship to quality of life in dementia caregivers” it suggests that:

“morning care experienced is a stressful and threatening events for a patient” and thus there are “difficulties in understanding why the situation is taking place”.

The journal also highlights how:

studies show that nurses need to be told more about patients with dementia so that they can communicate

as communication becomes difficult. The journal emphasises how the patient is still the same person and therefore family members should be able to give a better indication of how the patient is feeling. 

The Journal “Self and next of kin’s assessment of personality and sense of coherence in elderly people: Implications for dementia care” suggests a scientific reason into how family members react to someone with a degenerative disease and how they cope. One of the conclusions is that more educated people who know more about the disease are more open minded and aware of how the disease will unfold therefore lowering how stressed they will be. However, I am inclined to disagree because regardless of education, watching someone that is loved dearly slowly forgetting who you are, followed by not being able to look after themselves or even eat is heartbreaking. 

In Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted Suicide, and Other Medical Practices Involving the End of Life in the Netherlands, 1990-1995 the results shown that 2.6% deaths between 1990-1995 were caused by assisted-dying in the Netherland out of 6060 cases assessed. The journal highlights how this is in on the increase as degenerative diseases are becoming more common and also as we as a race are taking the attitude that it is a right to end our own lives. 


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