Google Task

Google Task:

New Cameras

You will be ‘sent’ to a place you have never before visited and be given a theme to explore. You should (through research) choose how you might best represent and approach your theme or message in the production of a series of 10 images sourced through Google Earth and/or Google Streetview. 

Place: Seattle, WA 

Theme: Commericalism

Summary: I was researching the history of Seattle: it’s primary commercialism boomed from two gold rushes and its port industry. However, like many developed countries Seattle does not produce much of its own ship merchant produce. So when I was thinking about this task I thought about how I could ‘modernise’ the idea. So I researched which big American companies have their headquarters in the city. Amazon and Starbucks current HQ are here; however, there is a series of companies that used to so I screen shot where they once were. Furthermore, some companies were bought by others, such as The Bon Marche was bought by Macy’s. Therefore, the building which I found in an old picture used to have ‘Bon Marche’ on the side is now replaced with ‘Macy’s’

Here is what I got.


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