Living with Alzheimer’s

Kenneth O’Halloran photoessay looks into the family dynamics of looking after someone with Alzheimers: there is so much care and devotion, but at the same time the families must continue to live their own lives too.
It’s sad that in the series Angel looks like he is a burden: always in shot but like a rag doll; unable to do anything.
In the photo essay there is a quotation about how it is horrible to witness the deterioration of the disease to the point where eating is impossible, which is somewhat the turning point and catalyst whereby death will shortly follow.
This series was taken in Spain where it is far less common in society to put the elderly and mentally handicapped in care homes so families are more tight knit and willing to nurse their relatives. I feel that this is something that we should do more in the UK, but also respite care is somewhat of a relief for carers too. There is a fine line as to how far you can look after your relative’s mental health before it affects your emotional health…

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