Terry Pratchet – Choosing to Die


I watched Terry Pratchet’s ‘Choosing to Die’ which was broadcast in 2011. 

Terry Pratchet has Alzheimer’s Disease and is considering the possibility of ending his own life on his terms. As far as he is concerned, when he has lost his words to write novels then his life is no longer worth living. In the documentary he follows people with degenerative illnesses, wishing to commit assisted dying. It is a touching insight into how these people suffer and their cry for help that the UK government are ignoring.

With one particular couple, Pratchet goes to Dignitas and witnesses a death. 

Pratchet speaks with family and friends of the sufferers and how there is general support for the wellbeing of the individual wishing to end their lives. The relatives all admit they don’t want them to die, but at the same time they do not wish for undignified suffering and ultimately death. 

What I found interesting is how calm the ‘patients’ are. There is a definite willingness to die amongst the people shown which only makes me think about how we all are aware of our mortality. And some more than others who face a sufferable death. 

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