Bruce and Jan

Bruce and Jan’s Story

In research into how Alzheimers and dementia affect family members I went onto and found Bruce and Jan’s Story. It is stories like these that you can really get sympathise with a disease, without being told and statistics that have been published. In the early stages of this clip Bruce says ‘I’ve had family members with cancer [… but] with dementia there is no hope,’ which is undeniably true. It is this lack of hope that puts a huge strain not only on the patient but the family members themselves. The Alzheimer’s Society host local meetings all over the UK for carers and family members come together to share their stories and offer their support.

My Grandad still goes to meetings although 12 months have gone since my Nana’s passing, but I have never really thought about going. However, thinking about how the media somewhat shadows these stories, I would like to attend some meetings and get to know other people who have experiences similar to mine. I would like to get really into some of the emotions of family members so that I can truly understand their grief.

Thinking about euthanasia Bruce said ‘in truth I’m rejoicing that she’s free of it and is in peace now,’ as he recognises how she was suffering with no communication and mental deterioration. However, I feel that he wouldn’t have shortened her life. He said how he would communicate by putting his forehead to hers which shows just how much care he had for her. Who am I to judge though?

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