Appropriation is taking someone else’s images and making your own. We change the meaning and the context.

I used the images of Melissa Santos which she took over the Christmas season. The photographs on the whole were of how she was socialising with her friends away from University. Similarly there were also many images that were taken from a car, in a similar way to Todd Hido.

However, there was this one image of a man looking over a city scape (London) with the low sun which automatically makes me think of winter. How the year closes to an end and we reflect. So, with my task in mind I certainly wanted to use this image.

When I look at the image alone I ask myself: ‘what else is out there’ and ‘what more can I get out of life?’ as one looks broadly at the world around, from a stepped back perspective.

I too am young and enjoying the social life that comes in the package deal of being a student. However, I am aware that there is a lot more than this and I have to think more wisely about the future and what else is there. So when I was editing the image I did not want to distort it too much, but create more of a montage. So, I layered to photographs from parties and took down the opacity. This to me reinforces the idea that partying is not that significant. I also put them low down in the frame so that the man is looking over it, just to consolidate this idea.

I personally did not enjoy this task. I am not keen on editing images to take away truth.


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