Kate Geraughty: Euthanasia

This is from a series of images by Geraughty which follows John Elliott’s final journey before he goes to die in Switzerland. This image in particular was striking because it somewhat invades the privacy of his death and the privacy of his loved ones’ grief. The majority of the images on her website are portraits of John; however, the image below was of  his wife shortly after his passing.

His wife is clearly in a state of grief, clutching onto her husband’s cane as she wishes for his return. Yet, there is also a sense of relief as although she has lost her husband, he is no longer suffering. The deep contrast supports these opposing feelings at the same time creating a very raw piece of human emotion. I personally believe that this photograph is more powerful than those of her husband: it is almost ‘standard’ that the photographs of her husband are distressing from his vulnerability; but this image in particular shows the other side to degenerative disease. What we see less.

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