Enter F1


Hi Kate

Go here and fill in the form with your details: http://www.autosportinternational.com/trade/content/press-0
media outlet: wwww.enterf1.com
Frequency: daily
Circulation / Viewers / Listeners: 2000-8000 daily
Then upload the letter attached to the last box and that should be enough.
Let me know what they say!!!
Absolutely! I’m 100% up for that!

– Kate Green
No problem KateThe images looked great! If I can get you a pass, are you interested in going to the NEC Autosport Show?James
They are the photographs I took from the stands last year.
And here are some of other events from vintage fairs to the Renault Formula Series.

I am currently getting a lot of stuff together to post a gallery onwww.kategreen28.wordpress.com <http://www.kategreen28.wordpress.com>

Sorry for the late reply- a lot has been going on with University up through the Christmas Period. Happy New Year to you!

-Kate Green

On 8 Dec 2011, at 10:26, James Wilson wrote:
Hi Kate

Do you have an examples of your work I could have a look at?

I can usually get media passes for the NEC Autosport show and usually send a photographer or two. Could this be of interest to you?


To whom is may concern,
I am a student studying photography at Coventry University and I’m really into Formula One. I would love to offer my photographic contribution in the next season!Love to hear from you.- Kate Green
Here are a series of emails that were sent between myself and an established individual from Enter F1. I have learnt that I have to really get the interest of the right people in order to get to the places I want so that I can then meet other professionals.
I received an email confirming my press pass was available at the NEC in Birmingham and I went on Saturday morning.
One thing I noticed instantly is how most people had a camera out. However, because I had my media pass, I was able to get through the tape and get up and personal with the Formula One cars: sadly, I wasn’t able to get so close to likes of Paul Di Resta and Christian Horner. However, I feel this is a good start. Although I enjoyed this event, I do feel that photographing cars in a sort of show room is taking them extremely out of context. I have been speaking to someone who is very much in the click for motor racing and I am currently trying to get further into the field with more experience to put under my belt.
I will post up some of the work in a gallery very soon!

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