100 Multiplied by 3

Ageing Population

Rural Life

American Culture in the UK

OK, my last blog post self destructed.

However, I researched into these three topics. Rural Life because I feel that I am a true country hillbilly, American culture in the UK because I dived into this topic in Autumn last year and also into the Ageing Population. We were asked to research three topics to come to a conclusion as to which one we will look into further, producing a digital presentation uncovering our results. Although I am a rural native, I don’t feel overly passionate about this at all: I don’t like living in to countryside. As a young person it is hard to travel (expensive and public transport is next to worthless). Although I can appreciate it is a perfect retreat for pensioners and also a safe place for families to raise their families, it is not something I want to spend my time researching into further.

I did some personal research into American Culture in the UK: I spoke to an American on the phone and someone who spent a few years in California. From this, I found it interesting how they felt that although America has influenced our eating habits with food chains and unlimited refills, our general way of living is much different. For example, the education system in America is a lot more shaped for sports so that scholarships are available to students. However, in the UK, there is a lot of emphasis on academic league tables in GCSE and A-Level results over sports achievements. They said that whole communities would get behind their sports teams whereas from personal experience a handful of parents would turn up to a Sports day with over 600 students.

However, I feel that the Ageing Population is a current issue that is being uncovered all the time. Public attitudes are shifting towards the elderly: they put stress on the NHS, the economy and the environment. Yet, what I am interested in is the hidden truths from society: how degenerative diseases are on the rise as people are living longer and the effects this has on families. I have a personal experience of this so it is something that is important to me and would like to research further. Although there is a lot of research in ways to prevent such diseases it does make one consider just how old do we have to live to before our quality of life is so poor? This also leads onto the argument over euthanasia: hospices and care homes are essentially ‘God’s waiting rooms’ with some patients not being able to have any self control- is this right? A couple of years ago I watched the film ‘A Short Stay in Switzerland’ and would like to review this again over the controversy over euthanasia. The media is time and again talking about the ageing population and how that by 2020, men’s retirement age is going to increase to 66, giving an extra year of paying taxes. There is also troubles during winter periods with heating bills and how elderly people find it more difficult to get around in order to get their groceries. This is something that is fed to us all the time. It is what we don’t see that I find most interesting and want to depict.

In my research I am going to certainly revisit ‘A Short Stay in Switzerland’ and review some personal stories on websites such as the Alzheimer’s charity web page. I would like to get more of an insight into how we as individuals react to how degenerative diseases are linked with an ageing population. I would like to interview some care workers too to get their impartial view too.

Best get crackin’

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