Object Four

Sunday Times

In the Sunday Times, the education section displayed an article explaining how young learners today concentrate more from a screen than from books. One child said in a discussion: “… One in three children don’t own a book. Are we witnessing the end of reading?”

Research shown how the bottom eight children benefitted from using a Kindle to improve their literacy skills. 

This to me is something shocking. As a digital native, I have been brought up with the internet and digital cameras; however, is this a whole new generation? When learning to read has to be on a tablet? When playing a game has to have a console, two controllers and a plasma HD 3D television? 

Although I am not against how companies are creating new easier ways of reading, I do not believe that e-readers should mean the end of books. Parents and teachers should not condone and solely use these: how will the youth know of any difference. In Medium is the Massage, McLuhan suggests that the object is the message: a book is a means of communicating and telling stories and at the same time something that people share and lend to one another. But we are taking that away. What is an iPad? It’s not a book because it doesn’t have pages, it is not a computer or a laptop either? It is not just a camera. 

It would seem that we need the whole world in our hands. At an instant. All together. But why?

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