Object three


So reflecting on both of my given objects. It seems that with digital sophistication there does seem to be a degree of how mass production can be made quicker and easier. 

This reminded me of a discussion I’ve had time and time again with my mother. We currently have four rooms in our house which has walls covered in book shelves. My mother loves reading books. Even today we had another delivery of three more books. 

There’s nothing like the smell of a book

When she found that my brother has bought himself a Kindle, she went insane. I think although reading to mum is a hobby, it’s the whole experience of running your finger through a shelf deciding which one to read next, blowing off the dust and turning to page one. To her, there’s nothing like an actual page turner, not a finger flick. 

Is this really our future?

It seems like in our society we don’t have enough time anymore. Everything has to be instant. We get a Kindle so that we can, at our fingertips, select a book and download it in seconds. There is no time for browsing nowadays. It’s this instancy that makes everything almost insignificant: tweets only have worth for an hour- 92% retweets are in an hour. Yet, 71% tweets are without a reaction. (http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_short_life…). 

Digital cameras mean that now we don’t have to load a film, read light and determine a photograph. We merely use that magic card and store hundreds of pictures on our ‘hard drive’. Most of which are probably ignored, or stalked if they are uploaded to Facebook. 

Photographs aren’t printed as much any more. Magazines and newspapers are all available in apps for instancy too. Are books really heading this way too?


What is our society doing today that means we have no time to stop stand in a book shop, and sit down to a novel with a cup of coffee?

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