When I came back to Lincolnshire, my mother dropped a pile of the Sunday Times Magazines that she has archived for me. In one of the editions of the ‘Spectrum’ a montage was called ‘The Play’s the Thing’ and the siting read:

In 2009, French photographer Denis Darzacq began working with Mind the Gap, a Bradford-based theatre group that helps people with learning disabilities to achieve they acting dreams. With the help of some of the young performers, including Kimberly Booth and Anna Gray, Darzacq began the project Act, with the simple premise that each performer strikes an eye-catching pose in front of his camera. “It’s important to me that you don’t see the disability first, you see and actor,” says Darzacq. The project was expands to include other subjects, among them Adrian Kempa and Maloyn Chatelin, who were photographed in their home city of Brest, in Brittany – Adrian in the local park and Maloyn in an art gallery…


After considering how our society disables those with physical/mental conditions and having a lecture from Stephen Brookes, it is clear that becoming involved in small local charities taking photographs is a great way to become an established photographer. This being said, charity should not be exploited whatsoever. 

Blog on the notes from Stephen Brookes coming shortly!

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