Access for Disabled

It's Not About Why But How Did The Blind-Man Cross The Road?, Kate Green, 2011
It's Not About Why But How Did The Blind-Man Cross The Road?, Kate Green, 2011

Pedestrian Crossings have never been so accessible for the blind: when waiting, one touches the motorised dial, and, when it turns it indicates how it is safe to cross. To many this is not well known; however, it is a small step to retain safety and more independence to the blind.

As a patient living with Crohn’s, it is hard to indicate how society disables us. However, I took this image of the tablets I take first thing in the morning. It is vital that these are taken daily. These tablets prevent a relapse; something that can ultimately cause me to housebound because of the lack of bowel control. Crohn’s is very much a ‘silent’ disease and is not well known to many. However, I thought that arranging my morning dose in this way shows how the tablets help keep my bowel healthy.

We see Christmas Decorations, the Autistic See 286 Tiles
"Mrs. Forbes said that hating yellow and borwn is just being silly" Mark Haddon

I thought about when I read ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon when I took these photographs. The protagonist is autistic and suggests how he hates yellow: 5 yellow cars are a sign of bad luck, for example. Autistic people see a completely different world: of noise, colour and precision. Mathematics are more natural to the autistic; yet social situations and awareness to danger is significantly reduced. This is an interesting subject. I am going to find more quotations from the book and create my own photographic interpretation.


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