Pentax Family

The ease of use of the Pentax 35mm Camera means that I can capture moments more quickly and efficiently. Below are a series of images from the last roll of film I shot.


In this series, there is an insight into what goes on in my ‘unconventional family’ in the sense that when Josh is home from playing sports, quite often he spend his time playing on Xbox with Alexis and more often than not, Alexis is on his laptop or playing too. I wanted to capture the very essence of how important this pass-time is to the lads.

Also on this roll are a couple of head shots: Beth and Ben are two people who visit our flat quite regularly. They are not part of our ‘family’ as it were but they are an extension to this. When they last visited our flat I asked for a head shot. I do not feel like I will be using this style any further in this project, but it was just an idea that I feel does not support my idea well enough.

Josh Sainsbury-Bow and Abigail Stevens Crossdress, Kate Green, 2011

From looking at the theme of families in my project, one evening, using the RB67, we decided to take a somewhat twee and conventional portrait of a married couple. From previous posts, Josh’s extrovert character, being the life and soul of the flat supported the idea of a less conventional portrait: something that satires our society. So in this instance, Josh became the wife and Abigail became the husband. This image is certainly a different approach to my theme of family in a way we would not expect, like the family life that Sally Mann portrays in her photography.

Role Play, Kate Green, 2011

, Kate Green, 2011″]The two images above are in sequence to the black and white medium format photograph of a ‘conventional’ portrait. It touches upon what is behind the scenes to some what may be seen as happy family portraits. I am not suggesting that this is a common occurrence to our culture but it is something that should not be ignored.

However, although this was doing something a little more different and somewhat more comic, the essence of my project was to document the truth and not something that I have completely created and curated.

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