Midnight Creepers Creeping

Today I spent a couple of hours in scanning negatives into the Nikon scanner so that I could see what my images would look like. However, because of the low light conditions, many of the images are under exposed and so if these negatives were to be printed in the darkroom, test strips would be used to work out a better exposure for a clearer image.

One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I took the Mamiya RB67 to the kitchen, opened the fridge and documented what was inside:

Casserole, Kate Green, 2011

Although Josh is the bubbly character in our family, at the same time, he is the worst for his sense of food hygiene. Inside the dish was a two week casserole stewing. This in a sense is a portrait of Josh as his casserole dish to this day is not clean.

Squash Gear, Kate Green, 2011

Continuing on the theme of the uncleanliness of Josh, our hall way is one of the larger ones in our block and don’t we just know it: I walk down it to get to the kitchen and I pass Josh’s clothes, dirty, and sports equipment. Josh reads Sports therapy and similarly with the amount of space we have, the flat is often transformed into some sort of squash court. This is Josh.

Abigail Stevens and Creepers, Kate Green, 2011

When Abigail bought her new Creepers, she wanted me to document this moment. I think it’s fair to say that although we live in such a materialistic culture, we can still express ourselves as individuals with the sheer amount of ‘stuff,’ as it were. These shoes have an inch thick sole and gold studs; something that I would never buy, let alone wear. But this is Abigail. She may have a Blackberry, like me, and is in harmony with the world of communication; but she is something quite different to other young women I’ve met. She is like a mother to us in the flat, but she also has this wild side where she is taken back into a world of War songs and vintage Laura Ashley. Although in my project I am displaying my new family with what they have, I am trying to give an insight to what they are like as people in this society and culture. This is an image I am going to use in my final selection for the reason that these shoes are important to Abigail and so in turn, are important to me.

Josh Wins Top Trumps, Kate Green, 2011

Game nights are quite common in our flat: from Top Trumps to Monopoly. Usually a great laugh, seeing the competitive side to us all: here is Josh fanning his cards. Again, we all get a joy from these objects, and it does make our family stand out a little more as a dynamic. As a flat, we don’t do the ‘student life’ of heavy drinking and partying, which is the image usually portrayed by students. This photograph is going to feature in my final set for the nature that we have our own possessions but we all come together for fun and games.

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