The Happy Couple

Mr and Mrs Sainsbury-Bow, Kate Green, 2011

Introducing Abigail and Joshua as a happy couple. When thinking about a family, the family portrait does come to mind. So, I decided to take a shot of Josh and Abigail as a more ‘traditional’ couple. Although, not a couple at all, Josh was dressed as though come home from work and Abigail as though she was a housewife: yet, with her vintage taste, it was of no surprise that this meant she looked as though she came straight out of the mid twentieth century.  This is the nature of Josh and Abigail, having a good time, playing dress up and doing some role-play. Josh, weekly attends his RAF meetings dressed to the nines (almost) whereas Abigail’s wardrobe is like stepping into a time capsule. Although I am part of the unconventional family, I feel that my role is in the documentation and that I have no been in any of the photographs I have taken in this, only in mirrors with my Pentax camera. Therefore, I did not want to obscure the narrative in this way for this more formal image. 

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