Home is Where the Heart is…

In my post ‘A Revelation‘ I touched upon the idea of family dynamics. When I went back to Woodhall Spa last weekend, my father gave me his father’s Pentax 35mm film camera. Inside was a half exposed roll of slide film that was left after my grandfather’s death in 1960s. These will be developed next week; I feel this will be fascinating as I never met him and it the film now holds exposures made by him and myself.

I put a roll of colour Kodak film and took some shots of my time at home and back in Coventry. I realised that now I am in limbo between two families. At university we have created our own dynamic whereby we have our own roles.

In the images of Josh Sainsbury-Bow and Alexis Bressan, both are playing on games or on Facebook. This links back to my thoughts over how our society is depicted by materialism. These photographs are candid so therefore are true; because these people are aware of my interest in photography, they are losing that reaction to a camera whereby they become a different character.

Speaking of roles in this new and somewhat unconventional family, last week it was Alexis’s 21st Birthday. Abi and I decided to throw a little party with finger food and some music. The photographs without the captions are those taken from the 21st birthday.


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