Just a thought

And the squirrel said to the Frenchman…

And the Squirrel said to the Frenchman, Kate Green, 2011

Call me naive, but I never believed squirrels were so tame: in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, they scurry and run away. Yet, today on a walk through Coventry with a punnet of grapes, we caught the attention of half a dozen squirrels. These creatures have adapted to city life as much as I have to the extent that they do not fear human contact.

It would seem that squirrels are undoubtedly in harmony with our society yet they are unaware of our commercial lifestyles. To them our society is their society.  To them they collect their nuts, reproduce and hibernate. Or at least that is the general perception of their society. It begs the question of whether we are in conflict with their society: squirrels are depicted as pests and annoyances. However, they may feel the same about us: deforestation for housing and infrastructure deprives them of a habitat, of food. They don’t take this from us. 

So here’s a thought: be a squirrel and decide whether you’re in conflict or harmony.

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