A revelation


Of what’s important…

It should have been so obvious from the start; since moving away from my family, I have lost the family dynamic.

Picture it: a November afternoon, the air is crisp and the sun is low and a family of four on holiday stop to look at their A-Z map. They stand in a pocket of light that peeps round the trees and buildings. The younger daughter is tired and her father supports her. This family dynamic is what makes our society what it is. There would not be a society if it wasn’t for the mothers, the fathers, the daughters and sons.



2 thoughts on “A revelation

  1. I like how you have used flare to your advantage. It seems like such a natural shot as well. I get a feel of what the temperature there was like. I see where you are coming from with the whole family dynamic thing. Every family is different. This family in this photo appear to be fairly functional, there is no sign of conflict or anything of that nature, they are on a family day out. My imagination takes me to a place where I am thinking about where this family might live and what there home would look like. It is thought provoking and the fact that you cant see any facial expressions leaves this photo to ones own interpretation. With just the body language I get the impression that the young girl is tired and bored, the man who would assume to be the father looks as if he is trying to find out where to go on a map with the mother and daughter. Those are just some thoughts that came up for me. Hope it makes sense!!


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