It’s All Pans and What-Nots

Culinary nudes, apparently.


I have been considering what kind of role materialistic possessions have on our society. I took a roll of 120mm film and decided to do some portrait shots of my flatmates Abi and Josh. They are both unique in their own rights: Josh is a sports enthusiast whereas Abi is a bargain hunter junkie. Yet, they both own a Smart phone, two laptops and many other branded objects. Does this define them? After this shoot, I have decided to do a study on each of them.

It’s interesting how in my post about Diane Arbus, she suggests that:

“‘There’s a point between what you want people knowing about you and what you can’t help people knowing about you”

So when I asked my flatmate Josh if I could take a portrait of him as he is and he chose to be depicted like this, it made me reconsider this quotation. It is clear that Josh cares about his physique. He wants people to see it. Yet, is this all a facade?

Kate Green 2011

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