Homage to a Precious Object

Homage to a Precious Object

We were asked to take a series of images of the most precious possession. 

Choosing my object was easy. Earlier this year, my Nana passed away from dementia: it emotionally had a huge impact upon my life and photography. At the time I used this box in a lot of my photography as it was her vanity case that she gave to me. 

I took this the day of my Nana's death

Because this has been an important object to me, I decided to use it for this task. I chose to use the Mamiya 7 as I had not tried it yet. I thought that the camera would be more suited to outdoor scenery: landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes because the focal distance needed is around 1.5m, and with a fixed lens this means that the object did not fill the frame. Therefore, it loses its importance and a viewer is more inclined to consider the significance of its contextual environment.

Because of this, I decided to use the self timer to my advantage and include myself in the frame; this not only connects the sitter to the object, but it also shows the size of the box.

Trying to highlight the significance of the box, I illuminated the inside with a lamp. The image was still over exposed, so I used Photoshop as a virtual darkroom to readjust the tone and zone system.

In today’s lecture, photographer Shomei Tomatsu, did a portrait of his father, yet it was his father’s watch. This was because his father died after the Nagasaki A-bombing and it was the only possession Tomatsu can remember his father by. This was his precious object. In the same way, my Nana forgot who I was many years before she died and this box was given to me before then and reminds me of how she was.

Father's Watch

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