Hunter R Rawlings III

Having just finished the article: Writing the Humanities in the Twenty-first Century Hunter Rawlings criticises the ‘economic revolution’ of universities: 

Money has always been important to universities, but never so much as today […] favouring the fields (to finance) that attract resources and spawn economic activity, as opposed to fields that participate very little in economic development

This quotation refers to how the sciences have pushed the humanities and their values aside. However, Rawlings continues to argue that ‘those who are ignorant to the past are indeed condemned to repeat it’, suggesting that it is important to look to others mistakes and analyse situations appropriately. 

The humanities absorb and interpret the results of science, knowledge and technology for our inner lives, values and ideals. 

James Engell

This means that we must be more open to the ‘whys’ and not just the ‘hows’ in society for us to define how we define ourselves in our society. ‘It is informed through studying History, reading a poem or novel, attending a play, looking at a painting, or listening to music all of which help us imagine what it might be like to have a life different from our own’ 

This made me consider my assignment. The article relates to how the Transnational Corporations have had such a huge impact on society that governments have such little impact that we live in a world of capitalism. But it does not define us. If we don’t have an iPhone or a Blackberry it does not mean we do not fit in: values have changed through history. In Nazi Germany from 1933, society was based around conservative family values. This was the society and those who did not conform were sent to concentration camps or death camps during the war. 

This makes me reflect on what are our values in 2011?

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