If you go down in the woods today…

The Kinema in the Woods, Woodhall Spa, is a monumental piece of the local history. Opening 11th September 1922 by Lady Weigal with a Charlie Chaplin film, the cinema has been serving entertainment to the public for nearly ninety years.

Yet, Autumn 2011, the Kinema in the Woods will undergo a transformation in its projection system: from 35mm film to digital. Uniquely, Kinema One uses back-screen projection whereby the film is projected from behind the screen, not behind the audience. Therefore, the Kinema will be the first cinema in the country to use back screen digital projection.

I was asked to take the last images of the working film before the next era in cinema begins in this independent cinema.

Projection Room One - Back Screen

It was inevitable for this change for in the next three years film distributors will discontinue the production of 35mm prints and only deliver film on hard drive. This seems like a sad end of an era for the cinema industry: the craftsmanship of projectionists will diminish: there won’t be flicks, burns or fixing of films. On the other hand, this is the new revolution of technology: the world around us is becoming easier, more accessible. Without a doubt, this was expected.

So, these images are to celebrate the world of moving film, before digital hard drives.

Keep posted.

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