Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Arno Rafael Minkkinen has used self portraits for four decades.

He has become one of my favourite contemporary photographers: his spacial awareness, juxtaposing bodies and landscapes sends a strong message to a viewer to reflect  on their place in this society. In his collection interiors and exteriors he uses his creative interior to present himself in different ways on the exterior: by this, he may act as a contortionist in small spaces such as between two trees or in a box; or he may photograph part of his body in a way to interact or juxtapose with the landscape.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Self Portrait Helsinki, 1976 (Photobook, Phaidon Press Lmt, 1997)

In this image, the viewer is asked to judge the distance between the body and the wall. Similarly, whether the door is ajar or closed: the nails indicate the door is open to the human eye.

Something I admire about Minkkinen is his capability of dictating space, questioning the viewer. Similarly, his nudism allows the photographs to be universal all, so that the viewer can question their own space in society as there is not a huge degree of personal connotations. The environments are bland or outside.

Minkkinen personally makes me want to explore the world of self portraiture in a universal manner: so that I can commute my place in society that others can identify with.

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