Light Meter

Zone System

Ansel Adams, the renowned landscape photographer (iconically of Yosemite National Park), created the zone sytem by which 0 is considered absolute black (no detail) and 10 is absolute white (no detail), with 5 being mid grey.

Mid grey is the zone that a light meter will read and it is up to the photographer where to pitch the exposure.

I have not adjusted the exposure in post-production, but making it a black and white image gave the shot more definition.


Today, we were given the task of understanding and using a light meter correctly. I set the Sekonic light meter to ISO 400 and then record the amount of exposure the camera needed. Then I adjusted the settings on my camera to match the meter reading.

In these image to make a silhouette, I directed the light meter to the light source to read the mid grey for the best exposure; therefore, darker objects will become dark and silhouette like. 

In this task, we also had to work as part of a photographic team: we had a photographer, an assistant and a model. In this instance, the light meter was set to record the light reading for the subject. As a result, this meant that the light box was very overexposed giving a very bright white effect. 

Excuse the grin.




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